Cabañas Manatea - Cabins in Isla de Pascua

Cabañas Manatea - Cabins in Isla de Pascua

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Manatea Cabins provides accommodation in a quiet area of Hanga Roa, in the countryside where you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in an environment to dream

Cabins on Isla de Pascua


Our resort, Manatea Cabins is located in Hanga Roa, in the countryside, by the sea and Tahai ceremonial sector, a quiet place to live a unique experience.

Hanga Roa is the only town on the island, here you can find all the amenities you can offer Rapa Nui: hospital, bank, call center, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, ect. This inhabited by about 4000 people, of which almost 70% is of Rapa Nui. It has an international airport currently receives from 5-6 flights per week, 4 with James and 2 with Tahiti.

Cabañas Manatea - Your Cabins in Rapa Nui, Isla de Pascua

Cabañas Manatea - Rapa Nui Cabins - Isla de Pascua

Tahai s/n | Tahai, Hanga Roa, Isla de Pascua, Chile

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